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Drive By Shooting Leaves 2 dead

Early Sunday a family's lives changed forever in Temple City when a suspicious car drove by their house and began firing repeatedly into the house. According to witnesses, the family had a barbecue after church and had a group of people attending the event. As they were all eating in the backyard a blacked out SUV drove in front of the house slowly and opened fire with semiautomatic guns into the house. Fortunately, most of the people in the house were in the backyard for the barbecue, but a few of them were inside as the shooting began and two of the victims were killed and two others suffered minor wounds. When the police arrived at the scene, the suspects were long gone and no one at the party was able to see what kind of car it was or who was driving the car. The neighbor that called the cops was able to see the car and described it to the police as an older model black suburban with tinted windows and no license plate. The witness was also able to see the men in the car, but they had ski masks on, so it was impossible for the neighbor to identify who was in the car. Police and family members of the deceased are asking the public for help in determining who is responsible for this tragedy. If you have any information regarding the drive by shooting in Temple city, then please contact the Temple City Police Department as soon as possible. If you do not know how to reach the Temple City Police Department, then please contact one of our agents at Bail Bonds Temple City. Anybody's life could change at any second and it is not worth losing a life over a dispute between gangs or anybody else. Police are warning the public to be safe because there are now three killers on the loose in the city .

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