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Temple City Sheriff's Station

The Temple City Sheriff's Station was established in 1926 as Station number 5 under the Los Angeles COunty Sheriff's Department. This particular station has moved about 4 different times over the years, but it has been at 8838 E. Las Tunas Drive Temple City, California 91780 since 1957.


It is the mission of the men and women of the Sheriff's station to be the most honest and hard working officer possible and to learn as much as they can about how to make a difference in people's lives by interacting with people on a daily basis. It is their mission to fight and prevent crime and injustice by enforcing the law fairly and to defend the rights of all of the people in the city.


The sheriff's of Temple City make it their goal to get the residents of the city to get more involved in the police department so that they could work together to make the city a better place to live. They believe in listening and taking advice from the people of the city to make decisions that affect everyone in the community. Every one of the Sheriff's in the department must go through and complete the courses at the Police Academy in order to work in the city of Temple. This ensures that the officer is properly trained and has complete knowledge of the laws of the city as well as the laws of the state of California.


When they first arrive at the Station, they will go through some further training and a probation period to make sure that the deputy is ready to handle any situation that may occur while he or she is on duty. This Station is smaller than most police departments, which means that it does not offer the same services as most police departments, but the officers are all highly trained and experienced sheriff's. This means that they rely on the residents of the city to communicate with officers to help keep the city as safe as possible. Information by Sunrise Bail Bonds.

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