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Reduced crime in Temple City

There is new research done by the city council in Temple city that shows a reduction in the crime rate throughtout the city. Researchers studied all of the crime that occurred in the year 2013 and compared it to the year of 2012. When they compared the numbers, they noticed a significant drop in the crime rate especially in robberies throughout the communities of Temple city. The city council commends the police department and all of its staff for helping drop the crime in such a significant way. The police chief in Temple City reported that they have made a valiant effort to increase the police presense throughout the city. According to the numbers and the statistics, it seems that the Temple City Police have succeeded in their effort tom increase their presense and to significantly reduce the crime rate throughout the entire city. This shows that the just the presense of law enforcement throughout the city could help make the communities safer for its residents and visistors.

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