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Community struggles with teen’s death

When you drive through Temple City, you will notice a place known to residents as “Marberry,” which is filled with well-maintained homes. The residents of this town take pride in their homes and their community and the television show “Wonder Years” was filmed here. However, the mood of the community changed this past summer after the tragic death of a member of their community. The incident happened when a drive-by shooting claimed the life of a 17-year-old kid. He was a student at Temple City High School when his young life was cut short due to gang violence. Residents reminisce to a time where gangs did not control the community and it was safe for their children to roam the city as they please. Residents describe the tragedy as changing their lives and the way they look at their community. Over the past couple of years, gangs have taken control of their community and has left the residents in fear of their family’s lives. Police have been struggling to keep gangs out of this neighborhood, but the epidemic has spread so suddenly that it was almost impossible to overcome.

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