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Temple City Bail Bonds

Temple City Bail Bonds.

In the great city of Temple City, the bail bond process can be very confusing for you and to take a long time before it is completed if you are not experienced with it. In our office, all our personnel is highly trained and extremely experienced in the bail bond process. After all, we serve Temple City for many years now and we have released thousands of people out of jail. Usually, when someone is getting arrested, is moved to the Temple City Sheriff’s Station at 8838 Las Tunas Dr, Temple City, CA 91780. Once there, the booking process starts. That means that they will confiscate your personal belongings for safekeeping for as long you stay there and then, they will ask you some personal questions about you like what’s your name, where you live and work etc. The next step in that process is to take your photos and together with your info to register them to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Database.

That’s when they are going to take your fingerprints by using a machine directly connected to the Department of Justice that goes with the name Live Scan. The reason for that is that they want to see if you are connected to any other crime or if you have any warrants by any other law agency. The results will be in Jailer’s hands in 45 minutes to several hours. When the results are available to him or her, then it may be decided if the defendant is clear for bail or not.

The moment you contact us, one of our agents is going to contact the Jailer and gather all the available information of your loved one’s case and give them to you and he will start the release process. The time period needed usually is 45 mins to several hours if everything goes well. One of our extremely well-trained agents is going to contact you and close an appointment with you so you can meet and fill all the necessary paperwork needed to be posted in order to complete the bail bonds process. Once the paperwork is finished, the agent is going to turn it in to the police department so they can verify that is completed correctly and that contains all the proper information needed to finalize the release process of your loved one. If everything is correct, then the Jailer is going to release the arrestee under your custody and assign to him and court date.



Bail Bonds Temple City Stars is dedicated to helping the community of Temple City and the surrounding areas.

Local Service

Local Service

Our professional bail bondsman is always ready to help you and your loved ones.



Call us 24 Hours a day and we will provide you with a FREE bail information and consultation.

The #1 Bail Company

The #1 Bail Company

Our bail bonds in Temple City has a 95% approval rate and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Choosing a bail bond agency in Temple City.

The moment you are informed that your loved one is arrested you will reach huge levels of stress and agony wondering what to do to help him or her. The responsible move is to find a bail bonds agency through the internet to help you with the whole situation.
The difficult part is to decide which company to choose between the thousands available, especially when you have no idea about the bail bonds process and system of court justice.

We are the best choice for you for the main reason that our agents are extremely experienced in the bail bonds business and they have completed thousands of bail bonds the last years by serving the good people of the great city of Temple City. Our successful bail bonds record is our primary guarantee to you so you can not hesitate at all is instantly call us to help you. Our agents, are highly trained and skilled in providing the best possible services to our customers so you can be completely satisfied and have a great experience whenever you speak to them about your case. Your satisfaction is our primary goal here in Bail Bonds Temple City.

For the above reason we assign to you a personal agent so you don’t have every time you call to speak with different agents and waste valuable time explaining the same things. That way the process goes much quicker and easier.

Your personal agent is available to you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or to explain to you any step of the process so you don’t feel confused or have stress due to unknown facts occurred.

Our professionals are determined and dedicated to help you take your loved one back to you as fast as possible and without any complications. That’s the reason they are so respected in the area of the bail bonds business.


We understand that the times we all live right now are tough and difficult and for that reason you may not be able to come up with the 10% of the bail amount. That’s the reason we are flexible when it comes to financing and that’s why we even offer the option of financing the bail bond. However, in that case, our agent may have to collect some form of collateral in order to finalize the bail bond.

We offer several payments plans and our agents will be happy to work with you to help you decide which one suits you the most and that you can pay it off in a timely manner without paying it all at once. So, don’t hesitate and call us now so you can get the best help possible immediately and help your loved one to come back at home as fast as possible.

Temple City Bail Bonds Zero % Financing

How Bail Bonds Work In Temple City

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